Ukiyo-e remixes「We have never seen Ukiyo-e like these!」

We have never seen Ukiyo-e like these!
ukyo-e remix
ukyo-e remix
Ukiyo-e remixes

Another Ukiyo-e series

I like this one; I love this one also, …
How the world will expand, if you have all your favorite Ukiyo-e and mix them.
“Ukiyo-e remix” was born out of these thoughts.

Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Hiroshige
Humbly cutting, pasting, and mixing these great masters’ works as you please.
Feeling fear and fascination, we retouch these complete structural beautiful works.
The art of digital processing enables the retouching of woodblock prints: woodblock print is the most exclusive work of analog processing.
In short, modern technology enables the expression of “Ukiyo-e remix” as a form of art.

Well, these great masters are amazed, or they are laughing with admiration saying, “You did it!” in heaven.

This is a “Kakejkiku (hanging scroll)” format of Ukiyo-e remix.
We combined two cultural products, “Kakejiku (hanging scroll),” with a history dating from the Asuka Period, and Ukiyo-e, which people have been familiar with since the Edo Period.
We attempted to mix these most favored Ukiyo-e, “Fine Wind, Clear Morning,” which is famous as Red Mt. Fuji, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa,” which pleased foreigners the most, and “Fukawaga Suzaki Jyumantsubo,” with a powerful sea eagle. As you see, the new sensational world is created.

ukiyo-e reix


We put together the most appealing points from three works in this Ukiyo-e remix: the powerful body of the sea eagle and the beak from “Fukawaga Suzaki Jyumantsubo,” the surface and peak of Mt. Fuji from “Fine Wind, Clear Morning,” and rising cap of splashes from “The Great Wave off Kanagawa,” for strained and tension, and immeasurable concentration.

This moment is like a miracle minute.
Does the sea eagle attempt to jump into the splash of the wave?
Does the wave almost swallow the eagle?
Or, is imposing Mt. Fuji shutting off the eagle and big waves?
The intensified moment of the three works is integrated into a piece of image and this becomes the most powerful work we have never seen before.

This remix is constructed from three Ukiyo-e.

ukiyo-e reix

One Hundred Famous Views of Edo Jumantsubo Plain at Susaki, Fukagawa」 Thirty-six Views of Mt.Fuji red fuji Thirty-six Views of Mt.Fuji The Great Wave off Kanagawa
ukiyo-e remix
Product name Ukiyo-e remix Teppen
Price $ 590 (tax included)
size width 54.5cm× length 190cm
Scroll end core Imported wood
Case paulownia box
Scroll texture High quality polyester for art prints exclusively for hanging scroll works
Scroll printing Using high performance printer (10-color inks)

※ Allow one to one and half months after ordering for delivery.

$ 590
Powerful Ukiyo-e remix “Teppen”
It brings richness and life to a Japanese style room.
We put your purchase in a box made of paulownia, secure the package, and send to you.

“Ukiyo-e remix” will create more new works mixing various Ukiyo-e.